Why Infrared?

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Infrared’s deep penetrating heat is what most effectively stimulates metabolic activity, which in turn triggers the release of stored toxins through sweat, as well as through the liver and kidneys. In an infrared sauna, it is about more than just sweating - it's a quiet place to relax, reflect, and focus on YOU in preparation for your float experience. 


  • Detoxification
  • Relaxation
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Relief
  • Blood Pressure Reduction
  • Improved Circulation
  • Skin Purification
  • Wound Healing
  • Cell Health
  • Muscle Recovery

Benefits of Colors

Red . . .

Associated with the root chakra (base of the spine) and the circulatory system, this color works to energize the body, stimulate blood circulation, activate the metabolism, and raise the body's temperature. This color is used for anemia, obesity, blood-related conditions, lethargy, and arthritis. The color red also represents passionate love, taking action, physical strength, and our connection with the earth.

Orange . . .

The color orange is associated with the sacral chakra (pelvic area), the digestive system (colon, bladder, and gallbladder), and inner wisdom (mind). Orange is one of the most powerful colors, as it blends physical energy (red) with mental strength (yellow). This color is used for gallstones, asthma, repairing the kidneys, relieving menstrual cramps, and sinus conditions. This color also represents physical pleasure, inner joy, intuitive wisdom, and the warmth of the sun.

Yellow . . .

Awaken your mind and find inspiration with the color yellow. This color is associated with the solar plexus chakra (abdomen), the nervous system, and the digestive system (stomach, liver, and intestines). Yellow is used for constipation, diabetes, mental exhaustion, eczema, indigestion, and nervous conditions. The color yellow also represents assimilating knowledge, self-confidence, personal freedom, and a healthy relationship with one's self.

Green . . .

Associated with the heart chakra (center of the breastbone) and the physical heart, this color is used for conditions that cause pain within the body. Green is also used for heart conditions, emotional challenges, cancer, ulcers, muscle relaxation, and bringing balance to the body. The color green also represents supportive relationships, personal transformation, compassion, and the center of our being.

Blue . . .

The color blue is associated with the throat chakra (neck and throat), the mouth, and the endocrine system. Blue is used for all ailments that involve speech or communication. It is also used for headaches, migraines, sleep challenges, colds, stress, and rheumatism. This color also represents calming thoughts, physical relaxation, and finding internal peace.

Indigo . . .

Associated with the third eye chakra (center of the forehead) and the pineal gland, this color is used for developing awareness and connecting with the spiritual world. Indigo is also used for headaches, vision problems, sinus infections, allergies, and nasal congestion. The color indigo also represents mental strength, imagination, dreams, intuition, peace, and profound transformations.

Violet . . .

The color violet is associated with the crown chakra (directly above the top of the head), the nervous system, lymphatic system, and spleen. Violet is used for relaxing the muscles, reducing stress, and calming the nervous system. It is also used for increasing cognitive skills, processing changes in the environment, and ailments associated with the brain. This color also represents oneness with the Divine, spiritual freedom, unity, and mystical experiences.

The Practice




What can I expect during my infrared sauna session?

When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a Client Intake Form before your session. Then, one of our staff members will guide you to our Infrared Sauna room, give you a brief introduction on how to use an infrared sauna, help you get set up, and answer any questions you may have. Then you will be given complete privacy to enjoy your session. Please note that our infrared sauna is located on the second floor and will require brief stair climbing. You have the room for the time that you've booked. We recommend giving yourself at least 5 minutes to change before and after your session.

what should I wear in the infrared sauna?

While most people prefer to be nude and sit on a towel, it is optional to wear a bathing suit, shorts, sports bra, or hot yoga wear.

what should I do before my infrared sauna session?

We suggest eating something light before your session and drink plenty of water.

What should I do after my infrared sauna session?

We highly recommend hydrating and drinking lots of water after your session to further the cleansing benefits. We welcome our guests to visit our juice bar & lounge where we serve organic tea, alkaline Kangen water and powerful nutritious smoothies.

Am I able to shower after my infrared sauna session?

At this time our showers are reserved for floatation therapy guests only. However, if you purchase a Floatation Therapy and Infrared Sauna session, we will do our best to schedule your infrared sauna session first.

How often can I use an infrared sauna?

Most people prefer a 30-minute session, 3-4 times a week. However, it is safe to use daily and at whatever heat setting your feel is best for your needs.

What infrared sauna model do you have?

We have a Sunlighten mPulse 3-in-1 infrared sauna that comfortably seats two people. Our sauna is made from hypoallergenic basswood and does not emit any fragrances, toxins, and is safe for those with allergies.

How often do you clean your infrared sauna?

We clean our sauna in-between every session with a non-toxic, all-natural cleaner to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. We also provide a highly absorbent, antibacterial, and anti-fungal bamboo carbon towel to each of our guests.

Can I book an infrared sauna and whole body cryotherapy session on the same day?

To ensure your safety, we do not currently book Infrared Sauna and Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions on the same day. The body needs time to adjust to room temperature after a whole body cryotherapy treatment and moving rapidly from one temperature to another may cause muscle cramping.

Is an infrared sauna safe to use?

Infrared heat is safe, healthy, and is a naturally occurring output of the sun. It does not contain harmful UV rays, and there is no risk of burning. We choose the leading brand of sauna - Sunlighten. Sunlighten saunas have passed all safety inspections, including third-party tests and certifications. The materials used to build the sauna are high quality and non-toxic. The entire cabin of the sauna is made from 100% sustainability sourced wood. The Solocarbon heaters are made from FDA-approved materials and use low EMF-technology. No unhealthy gases or fumes are released during the heating process.

what is the difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna?

Traditional rock or steam saunas heat the air making it uncomfortably hot and difficult to breathe. In an infrared sauna, the heat is gentle, it ranges between 100° - 150° F, and feels like lying in the sun on a warm day. Infrared sauna technology penetrates the skin and raises the body’s core temperature allowing your skin to produce sweat that is composed of 20% toxins. That’s 17% more than what a traditional sauna can do.

is it better to use an infrared sauna in the morning or at night?

No scientific data shows one time of day having more benefits than another. It is entirely up to you and your lifestyle preferences.

is it safe to use an infrared sauna while pregnant?

We recommend checking with your doctor first.

is it safe to use an infrared sauna while breastfeeding?

While most physicians will say yes; it is always best to check with your doctor first. If you have any medical conditions, please notify our staff.

are infrared saunas safe for the elderly to use?

Yes, we recommend that our elderly guests start on the lowest temperature setting first for no more than 15 minutes. During an infrared sauna session, it is important that the body can sweat effortlessly and its natural cooling processes are activated to maintain the core body temperature. These functions tend to decrease with age, so we ask that all guests use their best judgment during their session.

i’m taking prescription medications. Can I use an infrared sauna?

We recommend checking with your doctor or pharmacist first before using our infrared sauna. Some diuretics, barbiturates, and beta-blockers inhibit the body’s natural ability to regulate itself in hot temperatures. Anticholinergics such as amitriptyline may inhibit sweating or predispose individuals to heat rash or heat stroke. Some over-the-counter drugs, such as antihistamines, may cause the body to be more susceptible to heat stroke. If this is your first time using an infrared sauna, are taking medications or over-the-counter drugs, and are unsure how your body may respond, please notify our staff.



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